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locked out

Today i got locked out of my house, it really wasn't fun! I went on the porch to get something petes father left and chance pushed the door closed. I sat in front of the house for 20 minutes and this woman i know around the block was walking her dog so i asked to use her phone, i went over her house which was awkward to begin with and ended up staying for at least an hour because NOONE was picking up their phone. Finally i got in touch with pete and went back home to wait for him. Arg - i missed work! oh well, at least i wasn't locked out in short shorts. now THAT would have sucked. i was sure that chance would shit because i didnt even get a chance to walk him yet, but thank god he didn't. Perhaps he felt bad for me because of the fact that i walked in last night at 12 to find piss all over the floor.

anyway, were hopefully going to Croxleys tonight! :)

what is croxley's and why didn't we go when i was there? HUH? for that you don't get to go to my favorite pub here, which is everywhere haha.

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